Who are we?

Mel and Linda work together to bring you the P2P program.




Mel helped to establish Bourchiers Paddock 2 Plate program in 2012, and has been helping out off/on ever since. Mel has a Bachelor in Nutrition and is also a qualified Naturopath and yoga instructor. Also completing training with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation program.

Mel has a natural interest and passion for growing her own food and loves experimenting in the kitchen. She thoroughly enjoys working with the students to encourage their understanding of the connection between growing, harvesting and eating seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs.

The paddock to plate program is a fabulous way to introduce students to growing and preparing food from scratch. These basic skills can set children up for life, as informed and educated little eaters. I really believe, and hope this program will one day be taught in every school in Australia.

Mel also started some monthly ‘food swaps’ around the Goulburn Valley, where home growers can meet once a month to swap any excess produce they have grown, more information can be found at ‘GV Food Gardens‘ on facebook.

Mel loves nothing more than seeing a fussing student become an adventurous eater and confident cook at the completion of P2P program.




Linda comes from Italy. She was born in a tiny village in the hills, where her family has a farm with a veggie garden, fruit trees and hundreds of olive trees. She loves when her family gathers together in November to pick the olives and make olive oil.

Linda studied Italian, Drama and Cinema in her Bachelor and she specialised in Theory of Literature and Communication for Cultural Events. She has been working in Communication and Cinema for many years, before moving to Australia, where she is now attending the Graduate Diploma of Education at La Trobe.

Linda has a great passion for cooking since she was a toddler, when her mamma and nonna started teaching her how to make pasta, jams, biscuits, cakes, tomato sauce and many other delicious and healthy things with fresh fruits and veggies from the garden. At 18, she published a little children’s book about nutrition.
She has also been working in a restaurant for a few years, helping the chef in creating delightful dishes with fresh and natural ingredients.
She loves Italian food, of course, but she likes tasting dishes from all around the word.

I believe that food, as language, has an important cultural value, as well as a nutritional one. Each dish shows traditions and habits of a community. That’s why kids learning to grow, cook and taste their own food will become ambassadors of both healthy habits and cultural values.

Linda has many hobbies: she likes painting, travelling, writing, visiting art galleries, reading novels, playing boxing and watching Italian soccer.

You can contact Linda at linda@bourchierps.vic.edu.au


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